Today is National Fried Chicken Day.  I could not believe this at first, but, hey maybe there are some hardcore fried chicken lovers out there.   6% of Americans, think that every day is Fried Chicken Day.

A survey asked 1,000 people how often they eat fried chicken.  And 6% said they eat it EVERY DAY.  (Maybe their definition of "fried chicken" included things like chicken nuggets?)

30% said once a month or less  22% said every couple weeks  21% said about once a week  22% said multiple times a week and 6% said every day, those are your hardcore fried chicken lovers!.

So if you add that up, it means 49% of Americans eat fried chicken at least once a week.  Wow, no wonder our collective waistline keeps expanding.

The survey also found the most popular condiments to eat with it are barbecue sauce hot sauce, ranch dressing, gravy and honey mustard.

And 71% of Americans think chicken-and-waffles are a good combo. I asked my news guy Tom this morning if had ever tried this tasty combo, he had not. if you have never tried it do so it is great, especially with maple syrup.

If you want to celebrate fried chicken day here are some places that are giving you some great deals.

Domino's Pizza, I know even Dominos.
Choose any two or more: medium two-topping pizza, pasta, oven baked sandwiches, 8-pieces chicken, or stuffy cheesy bread for $5.99 each.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, you may have to travel to Bennington for this one.
KFC's offering is ideal for a group: For $10 you can get a Chicken Share: either nine Extra Crispy tenders, six pieces of chicken, "a lot of popcorn nuggets", or 12 hot wings. Squad up! To celebrate the special day, Colonel Sanders will be appearing on the soap opera, General Hospital. So, there's that.

Burger King, the king is getting in on the action.
For $1.69, you can get 10 chicken nuggets. If a sandwich is more your speed, go for the 2 for $6 Mix or Match. You can choose between the Crispy Sandwich, Spicy Crispy Sandwich, or a Whopper.

McDonald's, nugget lover rejoice!
Download McDonald's app to get 20 Chicken McNuggets for $4.99. With the app, you can also get a sandwich for $1.