Thankfully no one, innocent or otherwise, was hurt during this latest incident where gunplay was involved. Holyoke police are reporting that three men have been arrested after a Monday "shots fired" incident.

According to a Holyoke Police Department Facebook post, this past Monday afternoon, officers were called to a residence on Maple Street in Holyoke after receiving a report that shots were fired in that area.

Additional officers secured the back of the residence, which has a different address, on High Street. Law enforcement then apparently witnessed a man firing a gun into the air several times who then entered the residence.

As the residence is very close to a Head Start School, officers felt compelled to follow the man into the residence. It was eventually determined that the man was in apartment 5L which the officers then entered after announcing their presence.

All three men inside the apartment were detained and later arrested on various gun and drug-related charges after police obtained a search warrant and recovered two weapons, ammunition, and a fair amount of cocaine.

Holyoke police officially recovered a 9mm "ghost" gun, a 9mm Ruger, 9mm ammunition, 90 bags of heroin, and 16 vials of cocaine. The three men, Luis Medina(the man firing the weapon outside of the residence), Vincent Magnani, and Harrys Isaac, are all facing numerous(and various) firearm and drug-related charges.

Again, at this time, no injuries have been reported. Way to go, Holyoke PD! For more on the story, check out the post on Facebook here.

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