We're constantly redefining what "cool" means. Wearing a leather jacket and not really caring about what used to be cool. Now it's all about only wearing clothes made of sustainably sourced cotton.

A new survey gave people a huge list of stuff and asked if each one was "cool" or not. Here are 10 unexpected things that are now cool in 2018. Do you agree? And what would you add to this list that you think is cool?

1. Reusable coffee cups and water bottles.
2. Maintaining a balanced diet.
3. Staying in instead of going out. Also, dinner parties made the list.
4. Working from home.
5. Knowing how to cook things from scratch.
6. Cutting back on your drinking.
7. Cycling.
8. Avocados.
9. Helping your family.
10. Android phones.

A few things that are STILL cool according to the survey include tattoos, beards, pizza, and being a fan of things from 'before your time." People said the "coolest" decade right now is the 1980s.

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