I was taking a run after the radio show today when I noticed a yellow "speed" sign on the side of the road. I guess I had never noticed it wasn't white before?


I also noticed it did not say "speed limit" like the usual white and black signs on streets and/or roads.

I'm kind if a nerd, and  I like to know these things, so I did a little research. I remember as a kid I used to see "PED XING" signs and I was like how the heck do you pronounce that?! My mother kindly informed me that it was "Pedestrians Crossing". 😂

So, apparently in Massachusetts, and other states as well, there are "Speed Limits" and "Advisory Speed Signs".

The White: Regulatory Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signage that includes black legend on a white background indicates the presence of a regulatory limit. These are speed limits that have a special speed regulation and has been established in accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) c. 90 § 18 and the MassDOT Procedures for Speed Zoning.

The Yellow: Advisory Speeds

Advisory speed signs have a black legend on a yellow background and are used to supplement other warning signs of a condition that may require a reduction in operating speed, such as an approach to a sharp curve or winding road. Advisory speeds are not enforceable since their intent is to advise motorists of an appropriate speed, not regulate it. -mass.gov

Within the definition of the yellow sign, my next question was answered. Since it doesn't say "limit", it's not enforceable; however, I wouldn't be seen exceeding the speed by too much that what is displayed in yellow and black, I tell you! 🚘

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