A new study done by Vitabiotics’ Wellteen found that parents begin to lose control of their children at the age of 13.

After years of watching their every step, moms and dads are left wondering what their offspring are eating, doing and who they are friends with after they start middle school and begin to make their own way in the world. As parents, it becomes an all-consuming part of your life.

So here is what they found out, what we as parents think our kids are doing and what they really are doing.

Four in 10 parents worry about the food and drink their child is tucking into when they aren’t with them, with 43 percent often finding illicit sweet or fast food wrappers in their child’s bedroom or school bag.

And 39 percent don’t always know who their child is hanging around with or the company they are keeping – which makes losing control of their diet even more likely.

Almost one in 10 parents believe the point at which they have to start to let go begins as early as 10 years old.

The study also found that our fears as parents may be justified as almost 40 percent of parents believe their children eat more junk food such as cake, chocolate, and junk type food than they did at the same age.

And more than half of parents argue with their teens about their diet, with the need to eat more fruit and vegetable top of the list.

It also emerged that just over four in 10 parents think their child has tried an alcoholic drink when in reality 44 percent of teenagers claim to have already had their first taste of booze.

And almost one in five teens have smoked a cigarette, something just 16 percent of parents think is the case.




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