Massachusetts is home to plenty of amazing restaurants and eateries to choose from. With so many great options, it can be tough to choose which spot to dine out at. Perhaps you want to have a nice dinner and hit the town, or you're looking to choose that perfect restaurant on a date or for a date night. If you are really looking to splurge or impress someone for that matter, perhaps maybe an upscale spot is your option. If that's the case, we now know where you can go for the best fine dining restaurant in the state.

The lifestyle publication '24/7 Tempo' found where you can go in each state to find the absolute best fine dining restaurant. If you're looking to drop some serious cash for dinner, this is the spot in the Bay State to go to.

Where is the Best Restaurant for Fine Dining in Massachusetts?

If you're looking to impress the company you're with, you will find this particular restaurant in Boston (as you might have guessed). This Japanese restaurant seems to be a lavish spot known as O Ya.

As you can see in the social media posts above, this seems to be the favorite spot in Boston for A-list celebrity couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to go to. So, it has to be pretty amazing if Deadpool and Serena van der Woodsen both love it, right? Perhaps, but it also comes at a price. Here is what '24/7 Tempo' had to say about this most expensive restaurant in Massachusetts:

Tim Cushman creates omakase menus unlike any others at this warmly, simply furnished Boston institution, honoring Japanese traditions but working his own variations on them and introducing ingredients that might not be found in classic sushi restaurants. One recent 20-plus course menu, for instance, included a house-made fingerling potato chip with truffle aïoli, wild spot prawn with tamarind and habanero chile, hamachi (amberjack) with Vietnamese mignonette and Thai basil, and bluefin toro tartare with smoked trout roe.

Even the descriptions sound amazing! And it definitely looks the part as well.

The restaurant is open for dinner reservations Tuesday thru Saturday at 9 East Street in Boston. They also explain what you can expect from their menu at the link provided here. Enjoy, Massachusetts!

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