Sunday's weekend snow (on December 11th) has came and went. As with any snowy front that comes through the Bay State, there will always be more spots that receive more of the white stuff than others. We definitely got plenty in the Berkshires. Not only did we have just some of the most snow in the Bay State within Berkshire Country, but one of our towns had the most throughout the entire state of Massachusetts.

While the areas around Boston and Worcester received true dustings of roughly around two inches, it was western Massachusetts that was looking at the most in several areas. According to the National Weather Service, there were definitely places that received more than the rough 2 to 6 inches that were forecasted.

Pittsfield and Becket both received 8 inches. In Savoy, a reported 8.2 inches of snow fell. Lenox received 8.5 inches of the white stuff, and there was 9 inches dumped on Stockbridge. But one town got more than all of those. With 9.4 inches reported, Great Barrington had more snow than any other city or town in Massachusetts on Sunday.

In other regions of the Bay State, Pioneer Valley had places like Easthampton, Chester, and Westfield all take in around 6 inches of snow. In Worcester County, it was Warren that accumulated the most snow with about 5.2 inches.

Compared to the amounts of snow dropped on Berkshire County, all the others seem like amateurs for the most part. In all seriousness though, despite most mains roads being cleared up, there are still plenty of slick spots out there. Please be careful if you are out and about anywhere, whether it is driving on the road, or just walking outside.

Until the next snowfall that will likely come sooner than later, please stay safe out there, Massachusetts!

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