Massachusetts has a pretty stellar reputation when it comes to the field of education, thanks in large part to its plethora of prestigious schools that excel when it comes to higher education. Such well known colleges and universities are MIT, Harvard, Boston University, Boston College, UMass, and others. However, there is one school that has to take the title of the 'Worst School in Massachusetts'. So, given the high standards for education in the Bay State, what school could that possibly be?

The publication 'Travel Maven' recently revealed which schools throughout the country were chose as the worst school in every state. This was done by using a list compiled by Education.Alot. Unfortunately, this school happens to be at the bottom of the list when it comes to Massachusetts.

What school has been named the worst school in Massachusetts?

In Essex County, within the city of Beverly is a private, non-profit college known as Montserrat College of Arts. It's received the unfortunate title.

Here is what Education.Alot had to say about Montserrat College of Art showing up on this list:

With MIT, colleges have an incredibly high bar in Massachusetts. Without a doubt, Massachusetts has a lot of great schools, but Montserrat stands out as being one of the worst. The graduation rate at Monserrat College of Art sits at 48.5%, according to the Department of Education.

CollegeFactual reports that the average student will walk away with $47,340 in loan debt, which is pretty bad considering they only make around $26,500 median earnings six years after graduation. That’s not great odds.

While this is not a list that any school want to show up on, but that doesn't mean the school hasn't had its share of accolades as well.

There have also been plenty of galleries that showcase some of the visionary work done by students and alumni from the school recently:

With such recent successes as these, it's tough to think the school could be known as such. Their students definitely seem to be making their own mark regardless of what any list says.

While there is a pretty high standard for any institution in the state of Massachusetts, there seems to be plenty of evidence supporting the idea that the list may have very well made the wrong pick on this one.

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