Without question, Berkshire County is home to many cultural attractions including a host of local businesses, natural landscapes, beautiful mountains & landscapes, live music, and talented individuals. It's no surprise that people come from far and wide to get their piece of the Berkshire action.

When it comes to theater and film, Berkshire County is fully loaded. Our county offers the Berkshire Theatre Group which is comprised of the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, the Unicorn Theatre, & the Fitzpatrick Main Stage which are both located in Stockbridge, the Mahawie Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington, the Triplex Cinemas in Great Barrington, Great Barrington Public Theatre, Barrington Stage Company in Pittsfield, the Beacon Cinema in Pittsfield, WAM Theatre in Lenox, Pythagoras Theater Works in West Stockbridge, Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Images Cinema in Williamstown, North Adams Movieplex 8, Regal Cinemas in Lanesborough, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Tanglewood in Lenox, and Jacob's Pillow Dance in Becket. If I missed one (and I more than likely did), let me know and I'll add it to the list, but as you can see there's no shortage of film and theatre options in Berkshire County.

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In a time where people have instant entertainment access such as Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and the other hundreds upon hundreds of streaming channels, it's refreshing to see that Berkshire County flourishes in art, theater and film. There's something about seeing a live performance or a movie in an actual theater that brings back that feeling of nostalgia, a simpler time if you will. A feeling where the stress lifts off of your shoulders and you can sit back and forget about your worries, responsibilities, and the everyday grind for a couple of hours, Now that's magic.

Speaking of nostalgia, one theater that is being featured here is The Capitol (now the Ralph J. Froio Senior Center) on North Street in Pittsfield. Did you ever get a chance to catch a show or a movie at the Capitol? Let's take a trip back in time and view some vintage (and modern) photos of one of Pittsfield's beloved gems. (A special thanks to the following sources and users for contributing photos and information: Cinema Treasures, The Berkshires Remembered on Facebook, dallasmovietheaters, Gerald A. DeLucaTexas2stepGranola, and dbellis54)

Take a Tour of the Capitol Theater in Downtown Pittsfield

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