Emanating from an on-air conversation on Tuesday morning about a co-worker hitting for $500 on the newest $50 ticket, was the fact that the Massachusetts State Lottery has an app for scanning tickets to determine whether it's a winner or not.

Yes, this is not new news. It might be for some people, but regular, habitual gamblers most likely know about it and use it. It's actually pretty cool!

For instant ticket lovers seeking to raise the bar, so to speak, the Massachusetts State Lottery has introduced an all new $50 ticket that hit retailers in early February.

Mass. State Lottery Facebook Page
Mass. State Lottery Facebook Page

Now, most lottery enthusiasts know that once a prize is more than $600, it's unredeemable at a your local lottery retailer, and you must head to Springfield. Not so much anymore though.

Yes, The Massachusetts State Lottery Offers Direct Deposit On Winning Tickets

Incredible, right?!

Yes, there are some stipulations.

  • The ticket must be a winner of $601 to $5,000
  • The winnings on the ticket cannot be combined to reach the above range (example: a Keno ticket with a $400 win on draw #1 and a $400 win on draw #2, although this wins $800 total it is not eligible)
  • If a draw ticket, it cannot have any remaining draws on it
  • The prize must be a one-time payment and cannot be recurring (e.g., not a win for life prize)
  • The ticket must be non-expired

Some personal information is required, such as your bank account and routing number, and you will receive payment within 5-7 days.

Information courtesy of masslottery.com

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