It is that definitely that time of year for state fairs, county fairs, and all sorts of festivals to enjoy throughout not just the U.S., but across the country. Some states and regions have already been having theirs. But of course, each state has their own specific tastes in terms of what foods they prefer at their favorite fairs to attend. Some make it impossible to pick a favorite, given all the treats to potentially indulge on. So, what is the best state fair food for the state of Massachusetts?

The popular food publication 'Delish' went ahead and did this particular research for each and every state in the U.S. That can't be an easy thing to do given the crazy amount of dishes at each fair and festival. There are the great traditional favorites, like funnel cakes, corn dogs, turkey legs, cheese curds, fried Oreos and so many more. That's before we get to things like donut burgers, pickle pizza, and apple cider donuts. One year, I happen to find myself at the State Fair of Texas and they even had a Bacon Margarita. It wasn't bad.

So, what's Massachusetts' best state fair food?

It turns out that the Bay State's favorite is Fried Butter. Maybe go and try some at The Big E!

'Delish' even tells you how you can make it:

Everyone needs to try fried butter at least once, right? Look for some at The Big E. And if you're wondering how it works, the secret is that the butter is wrapped in dough before being fried.

Okay, that's definitely not exactly how to make it, but at least you get the idea.

@morro1indo via Twitter
@morro1indo via Twitter

Even if you haven't tried some, they look like a pretty amazing fried food. And they look like they would be good at any fair. Check out the rest of the list of favorite state fair foods here.

No matter where you're at, enjoy your favorite fair food. And feel free to compare it with any Fried Butter you'll have throughout Massachusetts.

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