After hearing about the death of Olympic Alpine skier Bode Millers 19-Month-old daughter Emiline Grier from drowning in a pool. I felt it would be a good idea to go over some of the safety issues you could face with your kids this summer.

This list from may help your kids safer this summer.

Here are five of the most-dangerous toys you might encounter this summer.

1.  Water balloon slingshots.  They can cause eye injuries.  Especially if kids use them to shoot other things, like rocks.  And they have small pieces that are choking hazards.

2.  Lawn darts The kind with pointed tips have been illegal since 1988.  But they still make them with weighted tips.  So they're not sharp, but they can cause head injuries.

3.  Big Wheels, and other low-rider tricycles.  They're really hard to see when you're driving.  So you have to be careful about when and where you let your kids use them.

4.  Swimming pools.  Even those little baby pools you fill with a hose can be a major risk.  So ALWAYS pay attention when your kids are in a pool.  Young kids can drown in less than TWO INCHES of water.  And it can happen in less than 30 seconds.

5.  Slip 'N Slides.  There's a real risk of head, neck, and spine injuries.  People have been paralyzed from sliding into stuff, including other kids.  And YOU need to be careful too, because you're heavier and slide faster.  That's why the packaging usually says they're just for kids, not adults.