Yep before you know it Thanksgiving will be here.I have to say there are certain things that I love about it..the parades, playing in the background but your not watching because you are getting the bird ready to go in the oven, at my house it is duck that you have to turn every hour (labor of love for the hubby).

A time for family and friends to gather together enjoy company and all kinds of nummy food!  Do you have a favorite that you just have to have on your Thanksgiving, maybe something different?

I found the perfect recipe on a website called The Hungry Mouse if you want to check it out  Crispy Duck . From eating to drinking on Turkey day, watching the football games,speaking of drinking. Who is most likely to get hammered? A new survey, developed by, asked more than 1,000 people which of their relatives is most likely to get hammered at Thanksgiving dinner, and here are the results.  They add up to more than 100% because in a lot of families, there's more than one good answer.

1.  Your uncle, 26%.

2.  One of your cousins, 24%.

3.  Your brother, 21%.

4.  Your dad, 19%.

5.  You, 19%.

6.  Your aunt, 12%.

7.  Your sister, 12%.

8.  Your mom, 10%.

9.  Your grandfather, 3%.

10.  Your grandmother, 2%.