Local Doctor Can Prevent Common Cold [VIDEO]
We see more hand sanitizer bottles on people's desks and trash cans are full of tissues, one thing that's always eluded us- the common cold. A local doctor thinks he has what you need to prevent it.
Traveling for for the Holiday.
Are you planning on traveling over the Thanksgiving weekend? rise and shine early Thanksgiving Day, because apparently you need to leave the house at 6:00 A.M. to avoid traffic.
Google analyzed traffic patterns from Thanksgiving last year to figure out the best and worst times to drive over the …
What is a tradition you have on Thanksgiving?
Yep before you know it Thanksgiving will be here.I have to say there are certain things that I love about it..the parades, playing in the background but your not watching because you are getting the bird ready to go in the oven, at my house it is duck that you have to turn every hour (labor of love …

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