Parents Are you Getting Enough “Me Time”?
When you're thinking about having kids, all you hear from other parents is how wonderful it is.  Don't get me wrong, it can be great as long as you don't wear yourself down. Everyone needs some "me time",  but it looks like a lot of parents aren&a…
Frozen Funds, Freezing Homeless
When you work on a Morning Show you drive in real early, as I was coming in this morning I saw a young person, backpack, wearing a hat and jacket just walking downtown Pittsfield.
Your Thanksgiving Rituals
Yep before you know it Thanksgiving will be here.I have to say there are certain things that I love about it..the parades, playing in the background but your not watching because you are getting the bird ready to go in the oven, at my house it is duck that you have to turn every hour (labor of love …