I will get candid for a second, brutally honest, if you will. I hated reading as a kid in school, I loathed it. Although I thought it would cause no real harm not reading, my vocabulary suffered bigly! Yes, along with that came poor spelling skills as well. I'm much better know, though!

Are you an offender of the following 20 words?

right wrong concept

20 Words Massachusetts People Love To Misspell

  • Triathlon not Triathalon
  • Cemetery not Cemetary
  • Grammar not Grammer
  • Definitely not Definetly
  • Government not Goverment
  • Receive not Recieve
  • Espresso not Expresso
  • Publicly not Publically
  • Separate not Seperate
  • Astigmatism not A Stigmatism
  • Calendar not Calender
  • Tongue not Toungue
  • Unforeseen not Unforseen
  • Further not Futher
  • Committee not Commitee
  • Ecstasy not Ecstacy
  • Environment not Enviornment
  • Privilege not Privalege
  • Embarrass not Embarass
  • Restaurant not Restaraunt

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