Lord knows many of us have so much to do during the holidays that it would be nice to ease the holiday stress even just slightly. How's this for a great idea? And one less thing for you to do on Christmas Day!

How about a "Hip, Hip, Hooray!" for a local establishment that will be serving up a no-charge, pay-what-you-can breakfast this Christmas morning from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. And you know what else, they do this every year!

Many thanks to the good-hearted folks at Otto's Kitchen & Comfort, 95 East Street, downtown Pittsfield. Otto's will be presenting their 3rd Annual Pancake Christmas on Christmas morning.

And according to Otto's Facebook page, the reason they hold this annual event is truly from the heart:

No one should be alone for the holidays, and as a community it's our job to make sure everyone has a place to go for camaraderie, friendship, and a hot meal. Please join us in strengthening the ties between community members, especially those in need.

I couldn't have said it better myself(nor would I have tried). Otto's Kitchen & Comfort wants you to know that this delicious pancakes and bacon breakfast is "pay what you can", and they mean it.

If you are filled to the brim with holiday spirit and you can afford it, fine, throw in a few bucks. If this holiday season is extra tight, no worries there, either. Stop in and enjoy a hearty breakfast for free courtesy of Otto's.

Much recognition for Otto's annual Pancake Christmas breakfast should be given even though that's not what they're doing it for. I think it's a truly "big-hearted" thing to do and a reminder of what the "Season of Giving" is truly all about.

Merry Christmas and a Warm, Wonderful Holiday Season to the cast and crew at Otto's Kitchen & Comfort.

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