Looks like Town officials in Clarksburg are were willing to see a recreational marijuana operation move into town, but there was just one little problem.

There are no such zone on the books for that type of business. So, the town has proposed an industrial service zone, which most towns who are looking at having a recreational Marijuana operation are doing as far as zoning goes.

This issue will be taken up by voters at a special town meeting Dec. 28 and would allow, within certain parameters, recreational marijuana businesses in Clarksburg. The new industrial service zone would essentially limit retail sales to the small industrial area just north of Town Hall on River Road. That area also near the Police Station at Town Hall that would allow for close oversight. 

 Clarksburg is in as prime a spot for recreational marijuana as any other Berkshire County town. Slightly more than 53 percent of the town’s voters approved of recreational marijuana in the 2016 general election.

With support and funding through the District Local Technical Assistance program and Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, Clarksburg is poised to establish marijuana regulations without the use of a moratorium.

The town can tax marijuana sales up to 3 percent, as well as negotiate a host agreement that includes annual payments to the town.Though it will never be a manufacturing hub, the town does have tracts of land set aside for industrial use.