At 5:25 AM in the morning, Tuesday, June 29, 2021, Pittsfield Police
received a noise complaint believed to be originating from the McKay
Street Parking Deck in Pittsfield.

Responding Officers encountered 3 juvenile males loitering on the top level of the parking deck, 1 of which appeared to have been the operator of a vehicle he was occupying. The Patrol Officer that initially spoke with this individual obtained limited cooperation and made observations that indicated the individual may be in possession of a weapon.

A second Patrol Officer arrived to assist, at which time a firearm was discovered in the juveniles’ waistband. At that point, the other 2 juveniles yelled at Officers and then ran from the area. They were located and detained in a lower level of the parking deck a short time later. Officers immediately retraced the path by which the juveniles fled and located several heroin baggies, believed to have been discarded as they ran. Because the drugs were not found in the juvenile's possession, and their disposal of the drugs was not witnessed, no charges were filed and they were returned to the custody of their parents.

The juvenile found with the firearm was arrested and charged with:
Carrying a Loaded Firearm without a License
Possession of Ammunition without a FID Card (2 counts)
He was arraigned and held without bail. A Dangerousness Hearing is
scheduled for July 1, 2021.

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