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Moments House, a nonprofit that has supported people, so many people here in the Berkshires with cancer through free programs and services like Holistic Healing services, also had the only wig bank in Berkshire County and it is was free to anyone in need. They would offer both real hair and synthetic wigs as well as scarves and hats for the different seasons. Also, their volunteer staff included hairdressers who are always available to members for hair cuts, shaving heads, or scarf tying. Some other services were a lending library, support services, and community services that will close their doors permanently as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Dalton-based organization, which had been shuttered for the past year, announced Wednesday that it officially will close at the end of March.

The organization wrote on Facebook.

"Due to COVID, we have had to remain closed and unable to offer our free programs and services to our members due to the safety and concern for everyone’s health. This being the whole purpose behind Moments House, it has been hard for us to continue to pay expenses especially when we cannot be open and operating like we are accustomed to. We have been blessed with so much support over the last 10 years and we thank each and every person who has played a role in our mission, We are sad that we have to close our location and will cherish the memories we’ve been able to make with so many of you."

In its announcement, the nonprofit cited the financial difficulties of canceling its annual fundraisers and expressed gratitude for people who continued to donate during the coronavirus pandemic. Moments House, established in 2011 by Alice and Danielle Trumbull, was "dedicated to the life and legacy of Linda Palivoda," who fought cancer for 11 years.

One of the fundraisers that folks looked forward to was the Moments House Slice of Life Competition, this would have been the tenth year for that delicious event.

The programs were available to Berkshire County residents living with cancer and their caregivers. Thank you for your service to cancer patients here in the Berkshires!

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