Yesterday afternoon, my soulmate Tonya and I brought our granddaughters, Isabelle and Elizabeth to Forest Park in Springfield for the annual holiday-themed festival known as Bright Nights. You think you've seen displays of lights? Think again. Picture in your mind lights...and more lights...and more....Lights upon lights upon lights.

We got to Forest Park around 4:20 which was a little early because the park doesn't open until 5. It was worth it, though. The line of cars to get in began to get longer and longer. By quarter to 5, it was already half a mile long. It was truly a perfect night to view all the spectacular displays of lights. With about an inch of snow hanging off the surrounding tree branches, it really added to the beauty before your eyes.

Bright Nights is divided into several mini-sections such as Seussland, which the granddaughters LOVED. Imagine several characters created by Dr. Seuss brought to life through thousands of colored lights. Horton was there. The Cat in the Hat. Little Cindy Lou Who. And of course, the Grinch.

There were other sections of Bright Nights devoted to Santa's Village, the Animal display, Board Games(such as Monopoly, CandyLand, and the Game of Life), and a dinosaur park which was probably my favorite. End result? The kids thought it was amazing. The adults thought so, too. The kids and I had never been. Tonya had been once several years ago.

Bright Nights is celebrating 25 years this year. I'm kind of disappointed that I had never been before, but looking at the awe and wonder on the faces of everyone in the car, it won't be that long before we return. Thanks Isabelle, Elizabeth and Tonya for a wonderful, memorable experience.


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