The Hoosac Valley Regional will move to a fully remote education model starting next week as COVID-19 cases increase in the region.

From a story reported on by, Superintendent Aaron Dean released a newsletter to families Friday morning indicating that the district will go fully remote starting Monday, Jan. 11.

"As you may already know, both communities are in the red," Dean wrote. "In a deeper discussion with officials in the Department of Health today, it has been decided that in the best interest of everyone we should move to remote learning."
The district will remain remote for two weeks and Dean said they expect to return to the hybrid model on Monday, Jan. 25.
The district returned to a hybrid education model upon returning from the holiday break. Dean said they remained in hybrid for a week, but school officials believe it would be best to return to fully remote learning for the time being.
Aaron Dean also stated in the newsletter:
We will continue to closely monitor the data over the next couple of weeks and encourage you to have your families contact the school nurses with any information about illness or testing. As you know, our primary goal is always to keep our students and community staff safe.

Please check out the initial story at's website here.

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