We would be remiss if we did not point out the talent of one of Adams Police Department’s finest.  In an outstanding exhibition of strength, agility, concentration and true athletic ability, posted on the Adams Police Department's Facebook page is a video of Adams Police Officer Greg Onorato's cone, barrel and body flipping talent.

The video posted below from the APD’s page shows Officer Onorato not only flipping cones and a traffic barrel, but launching into a close to perfect cartwheel to put an exclamation point on his daring feat.


Facebook comments to the post payed homage to Officer Onorato…

Ellen Abate Richardson wrote: Wow! As if the cone flipping wasn’t impressive enough...the cartwheel at the end was astounding! Good job! Thank you, Adams Police department, for all that you do…even making us giggle!! We are thankful, grateful and blessed to have you!

Patricia C Dean… So great to see they have some fun they deserve it! Love seeing these posts thanks for the laughs. We are so lucky to have the best PD around!

Lisa Jarisch posted: If there is ever an APD Olympics, I think you’ve got your gold medalist for this even right here!

A number of memes were also posted highlighting the entertainment value of the video including Wayne and Garth’s “We’re not worthy” to a theater’s standing ovation.

In these times of a pandemic, a divided country and potential danger anywhere USA, it’s great to get a moment of brevity from the men and women that put themselves in harms way to keep our families safe.  Nicely done Officer Onorato!  The judges at the station give you a 9.5.  That is the highest score we have ever given for a "triple cone, barrel and body flipping individual while in uniform" ever recorded.

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