On Saturday night the Adams Police Department posted on the APD Facebook page an acknowledgment of an off-duty officer that sprang into action when a teenage neighbor knocked on his door after they found a family member unconscious and not breathing.

According to the FB post, the barefoot policeman, while only wearing pajamas, ran to the neighbor’s house where they found a person that had overdosed.  The officer quickly using his training provided life saving measures and administered Narcan that was on the scene.  Police backup soon arrived along with EMS and the victim was revived.

The Adams Police Department did not release the names of the officer or the others involved.  If not for the quick thinking of the teenager and the off-duty officer the outcome would have likely been very different.

This month the State announced that a total of 467 people died of a confirmed or estimated opioid overdose in Massachusetts in the first three months off 2020.  According to the data that is a decline of 5.7 present from the first three months of 2019.  However, the Berkshires was highlighted in the report, as Pittsfield was among a number of cities that registered an increase in overdose deaths.

If you or someone you know needs help with opioid addiction you can get information provided by the State here.


The post from the Adams Police Department Facebook page is below…

We’d like to acknowledge an officer and his quick actions tonight that saved a neighbor’s life. While names won’t be released to afford anonymity to all involved, we thought it shouldn’t go without notice that while home and off duty an officer heard a frantic knock on his door from a teenage neighbor. The person was frightened that their family member was unconscious and wasn’t breathing. They knew the neighbor was a police officer who might be able to help. While clad in pajamas the officer ran to the neighbors barefooted and found the person to have overdosed. The officer quickly provided life saving measures and administered Narcan that was on scene. Additional officers arrived along with EMS and were able to revive the family member.




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