With the price of gas going up to 3 dollars a gallon it may be a lot cheaper to take a bus and next week BRTA  is offering Free rides Yep FREE RIDES system-wide starting on Monday, July 12 through Saturday, July 17

BRTA’s Advisory Board listened to the proposed service change recommendations and the comments from folks here in the Berkshires and voted to implement these enhancements.

These service changes went into effect on July 1st. I was Driving in Pittsfield Yesterday and noticed the BRTA had posted some signs where new bus stops are.

Summary of Service Changes, This Information on Bus routes came from the BRTA
Transfers: Amend transfer policy to allow for more travel flexibility.

Route 1: Weekday evening schedule adjustments. Pittsfield - North Adams BRTA approved an amended timetable for the weekday pilot evening services between 6:30 pm and 11:15 pm. Service will be added to Berkshire Mall on certain trips, and the final Adams Center departure will be amended to 10 minutes earlier.

Route 2 Pittsfield - Lee Travel pattern change around Pittsfield ITC.
Route 2 travels within Pittsfield between South St and the ITC. Route 2 will travel via West St and Center St both to and from the ITC on all inbound and outbound trips. This change will provide service to a portion of West St between North St and Center St. There are no other Route 2 changes.

Route 3 Williamstown – North Adams, Bus stop location change at Big Y North Adams.
Effective July 1, 2021 - The BRTA is relocating the bus stop for Big Y North Adams from its current location in front of the store entrance, to the corner of Holden St and St. Anthony Drive. Route 3 will travel to Holden St via Eagle St and River St. There are no other Route 3 changes.

Route 4 Pittsfield - Dalton - Hinsdale, Weekday morning schedule adjustment. The BRTA is changing scheduled times on the first weekday departure from Hinsdale Center and other time points along that trip to ITC. This trip will now look similar to all other trips during the day. There are no other Route 4 changes.

Route 5 Pittsfield - Lanesborough Travel pattern change between ITC and Hancock Road. Service will be provided to: ITC, Linden St, Onota St, Lakeway Dr, Valentine Rd, Pecks Rd, Wahconah St, North St, and Rte 7 to Lanesborough Ctr on all inbound and outbound trips. • Service will be discontinued: along North St between ITC and Wahconah St, Wahconah St between North St and Pecks Rd, all along Hancock Rd, and all along Highland Ave. They are also changing how Route 5 travels between Lanesborough Center and Pittsfield ITC. Route 5 frequency, hours, and days of service will not be changed. This route will now travel along the same roads in both directions.

Route 11N: Discontinue pilot evening service. Berkshire Community College Night Loop
Route 11N will be discontinued. All evening bus service will be discontinued
along West St between Onota St and Berkshire Community College.

Route 12: Change Federico Drive to a Demand Service location. Federico Drive Industrial area will return to being a Demand Service location and will be removed from the published timetable. customers will either need to request a drop off from the bus driver or call BRTA Operations to schedule a pick-up, for service to Federico Dr.

Route 14 Pittsfield South East Loop, Begin pilot weekday evening service. Route 14 will provide evening service within Pittsfield, between 6:30 pm and 10:40 pm. This route will provide access to customers within Pittsfield along with the same areas as the daytime Route 14 and most areas previously serviced in the evening by Route 11N. Downing Parkway will become a Demand Service location after 6:30 pm.

Route 15 West Pittsfield, Weekday and Saturday schedule adjustments. Route 15 will provide service along West Housatonic ST in Pittsfield via a
revised schedule. Some departure times have been amended on Weekdays and Saturdays. There are no other Route 15 changes.

Route 21X Pittsfield, Great Barrington ExpressTravel pattern change around Pittsfield ITC. Has changed how Route 21x travels within Pittsfield between South St and the ITC. Route 21x will travel via West St and Center St both to and from the ITC on all inbound and outbound trips. This change will provide service to a portion of West St between North St and
Center St. There are no other Route 21x changes.

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