There are certain truths, Massachusetts residents, that most of us don't need to be told. We just know these truths either instinctively or through osmosis by watching others. For instance, most of us know that the "paper towel" is a pretty handy invention.

Think about it. You probably don't even realize how often you use paper towels throughout an average day. Five times? Ten times?? Maybe even 20 times a day. And you use them for several different reasons.

Drying your hands. Wiping up spills and at the same time not adding to your laundry pile. Blotting extra moisture from meat or fish. You can cover your food with a paper towel to keep it from splattering all over the microwave. If those were the only things paper towels were good for, that would be plenty, right? But there's more!

Many people use paper towels to wash and clean mirrors and windows. How about using them to soften brown sugar? It works! My mom used to use them to keep her cast-iron pans rust-free!

As a huge fan of corn on the cob, I can tell you one of my favorite uses--removing corn silk! If you're new to the idea, just slide a damp paper towel across the ear. Trust me. The moist towel picks up the corn silk so easily, you won't believe it!

I even personally know some folks who happily use paper towels for emergency coffee filters (I've even been guilty of it on occasion). Recently, Reader's Digest published an article on celebrating the paper towel and its many uses.

Here's one that many of you may not be familiar with. Keeping some paper towels in the fridge is not only a great practical idea, but it's also a money-saving idea! Allow me to explain this a little further.

All of us hate wasting money, right? All of us hate throwing food away, too. Keeping paper towels in your crisper drawer is going to make you happier and healthier in the long run!

Why Is Having Paper Towels In The Crisper Drawer A Great Idea?

Colorful fruits and vegetables in fridge crisper
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Most fruits and vegetables release water over time. Some, like lettuce, are mostly water. This eventually leads to brown, limp produce, because the moisture has nowhere to go so it collects at the bottom of the crisper drawer.

It doesn't matter whether you have a brand-new refrigerator...

Refrigerator interior

Or an old, beat-up refrigerator that looks it went (like the classic Audie Murphy movie) "To Hell and Back"...

Old Rusty Refrigerator
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Just by tossing in a sheet or two of paper towels at the bottom of your crisper drawer will allow your fruits...

Fresh Fruits And Berries

And vegetables...

Fresh vegetables healthy food concept

To stay fresher longer! The paper towels soak up and absorb the excess moisture which slows the degradation process. As long as you replace the paper towels when they get soggy, your produce will stay fresher (and crisper) longer!

Isn't that an awesome idea? The bottom line, the drier you can keep your produce, the longer it will last. That's an idea we certainly can all benefit from! Check out the full article on MSN's website for more paper towel tips and tricks!

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