It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no it’s a dude in a jet pack.

The New York Post reported an American Airlines pilot on approach to LAX reported to the traffic tower that he just passed a guy in a jet pack flying about 300 yards off the left side of his wing.


Audio below from a Youtube post by Evening Standard.

The truly amazing thing about this story is that the American Airlines plane was flying at 3,000 feet at the time about 10 miles from the airport.  The tower immediately warned other oncoming aircraft to keep an eye out for the unidentified flying jet-packer.

According to the report a SkyWest pilot also reported seeing the solo flyer.  A response was heard from another pilot “Only in LA.”

According to reports the FAA and FBI are looking into the incident.

The jet pack sighting comes on the heals of this week's report of a successful test drive of a flying car developed by a Japanese company “Sky Drive Inc.”  The test was conducted late last month at the Toyota Test Field, the development base of Sky Drive.  According to the press release the flying car circled the field for four minutes during the public demonstration.

More tests are expected this year on the flying car called SD-03.  The launch of SD-03 is targeted for 2023.  The price for the vehicle has not been released.

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