During this time of Corona & Covid-19, we all could use a little good news, especially about people doing awesome things.




A group of teenagers in New Jersey started their own landscaping business to stay busy, make money, and help people who've been struggling during the pandemic.  And they're donating 10% of their profits to a community food drive.

A woman in Texas who's fighting cancer tested positive for the virus, but her symptoms were mild.  Her husband also got it though, and ended up in the hospital.  But doctors got him home just in time to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary.


71% of Americans say they've changed their shopping habits to support small businesses because of the crisis.  The top ways we're doing it are by ordering delivery . . . buying locally online . . . donating money . . . and buying gift cards.

This could be huge for sports.  A company in Pittsburgh has a new drone that sprays disinfectant.  And they claim it can sterilize an entire stadium in three hours.


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