Hot off the presses: More revisions at "the 1st TV station in the nation". Berkshire county residents just can't keep up with the merry-go-round of changes at the anchor desk, although we will find out if this revamped line-up at WRGB-TV remains consistent in nature. Loyal audiences in western Massachusetts continue to wonder why all these revisions are occurring, but here is a outline of who you'll see or won't see on the air when tuning in to channel 6.

Let's start with weekday mornings: Julia Dunn has returned from maternity leave and is now teamed up with Lara Bryn. The question that need to be answered: Where is Chet Davis these days? Inquiring minds would like to know as he should have stayed where he belongs as a sportscaster, but lately we see a trend as they are shifted over to the anchor desk. Alyssa Caroprese continues to bring you the latest weather forecasts.

attachment-Liz Bishop

(Photo of Liz Bishop courtesy of her Facebook page)

The evening line-up has remained intact. Greg Floyd and Anne McCloy man the desk for the 5 pm hour. My dear friend, Liz Bishop has been the rock and key component of this station that was once owned by General Electric in Schenectady, New York. She was the late, great Ernie Tetrault's co-anchor for years and has been recently sharing anchor duties with J.T. Fetch during the 6 o'clock hour and on the station's late evening broadcasts at 10 on their CW affiliate and 11 pm news on channel 6.  Chief Meteorologist Steve LaPointe continues to provide weather forecasts as I remember him from my days at K-LITE in Albany, New York when our station partnered with channel 6 and here's a retro photo of Steve during those days when we were getting his pre-recorded forecasts at Dennis Terrace. (Blast from the past!)

attachment-Steve LaPointe

(Retro photo of Steve LaPointe courtesy of WRGB-TV's Facebook page)

attachment-Ron & Heather

Weekends are a different story: I truly miss my near and dear friend, Heather Kovar on the Saturday and Sunday morning shows as she truly was "The Capital Region's Lois Lane" of TV news. Her on-air partner, meteorologist Craig Gold recently left the station to pursue other opportunities but they will ALWAYS remain as one of my favorite on-air personalities as their rapport and chemistry was well worth your time to tune in.

attachment-Jacquie @ NC 13

Former WNYT anchor and reporter Jacquie Slater has teamed up with Sam Coplin on weekend mornings as this period of adjustment will take a little getting used to, but there will always be a soft spot for Heather and Craig as my "living in the past' syndrome STILL sticks with me from time to time.

attachment-Tom Eschen

(Photo of Tom Eschen courtesy of his Facebook page)

The evening line-up features anchor Tom Eschen as I remember him from his days at WSTM-TV when visiting in Syracuse while at the GREAT New York State Fair. Craig Adams continues to provide top quality forecasts and these guys make a good on-air team. Another newcomer is sports anchor A.J. Pankowski who joins Tom and Craig for updates on your favorite teams.

BOTTOM LINE: You STILL need a scorecard to keep track of who is on the air at WRGB. It's just takes a matter of getting used to seeing this new line-up as the carousel continues to go full throttle.

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