There are some roads here in the Berkshires that look and feel like you are driving in a war zone.

Potholes are becoming a major issue when driving down certain roads in the Berkshires. Causing some minor and major repairs to vehicles.

We have a poll you can take about what road you think is the worst.  If the road that you think is the worst and did not make the list there is a place at the bottom of the page where you can add the street. Just Scroll down to see it.

There were some major problems for drivers Tuesday night on Dalton Avenue, blowing out peoples tires. The Pittsfield Police Department confirmed that the pothole in question claimed tires on at least six vehicles that Tuesday night. A desk officer said they stood among at least a dozen calls for pothole-popped tires citywide on Tuesday alone.

The roadway rash prompted a petition from Ward 6 Councilor John Krol and Ward 4 Councilor Chris Connell, who are calling on City Hall to explore the creation of a "rapid response" plan, possibly involving private contractors, to more quickly alleviate the roadway hazards.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that public service workers agreed,

"it's a bad year."

Rapid cycles of drastic temperature changes are wreaking havoc on roadways, making midwinter patches even more temporary.

Public Services Commissioner David Turocy said;

"It's been particularly bad this winter,"

Noting that Seymour Street, East Street, and Pecks Road are among the most notorious in reports made using the city's app, PittSMART.


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