Yes, folks, an arrest was made in connection with the recent fire at 8 White Terrace in Pittsfield. However, Pittsfield Police and Fire officials are actively seeking the public's help in the investigation of two fires at neighboring White Terrace apartment buildings that happened one week apart.

According to a media statement from the Pittsfield Police Department, on Thursday, September 16, at approximately 2:17 pm, members of the Pittsfield Police Department and Pittsfield Fire Department responded to 8 White Terrace for a structure fire.

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The fire was quickly extinguished and thankfully, no one was injured. As a result of the ensuing investigation, 43-year-old Pittsfield resident Joseph Stone was taken into custody and charged with one count of arson.

Stone is expected to be arraigned today at Pittsfield District Court. Now here's where the story gets even more interesting. Last week, on September 8, members of the Pittsfield Police Department and Pittsfield Fire Department responded to a major structure fire at 6 White Terrace.

6 White Terrace and 8 White Terrace are neighboring multi-family apartment buildings located next to one another on the same side of the street. Hmmm...Coincidence? Maybe...

The investigation into both fires is being conducted by members of the Pittsfield Police Department, Pittsfield Fire Department, and Fire Marshalls assigned to the Massachusetts State Police.

Anyone who witnessed these incidents or wishes to provide additional information is asked to contact the lead investigator, Detective James Losaw, at 413-448-9700 extension 572.

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