The Dalton Police Department and the Dalton Fire Department responded to a reported fire on Friday 10/9 at 6:42 pm along route 9 in Dalton.accross from the Holiday Brook Farm.  The owners of the Holiday Brook Farm had recently painted the outer wrap of plastic of hay bales to show support for the Biden/Harris Presidential Campaign.

These hay bales were lit on fire and destroyed. As a result of an investigation conducted, police have arrested Lonnie Durfee,49, of Dalton MA. He has been charged with burning personal property and will be arraigned Tuesday, October 13th at Central Berkshire District Court.

This is an ongoing investigation in conjunction with the Dalton Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police Fire Marshall's Office. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Dalton Police Department at 413-684-0300

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On the WNYT website, Emily Burkhard covered the story.
Emily interviewed Kate Pike, a farmer at Holiday Brook.

Pike said she stopped at the sign not five minutes before someone set it ablaze Friday night.

"You don't ever expect it to happen in your backyard and you certainly don't expect it to happen in Dalton, I actually was driving home and saw that it had been vandalized, so I pulled over to see what kind of vandalism had been done to it,” Pike said. “It looked like someone had poured something that looked kind of like coffee all over it, so I actually stopped and took a picture. It looked like kind of graffiti on it and [police] were able to use the timestamp of that photograph.

Jerrid Burdick/ Facebook Photo


Jerrid Burdick/ Facebook Photo
Jerrid Burdick/ Facebook Photo

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