Four separate fires broke out Saturday night in Pittsfield and authorities say they were all intentionally set by one person.

According to, Pittsfield Police released a Code Red notification shortly after 9 p.m. seeking information on the whereabouts of 58-year-old Phillip Jordan. Police are asking anyone with information about his whereabouts to contact the department.

A Phillip Jordan is also listed in the Registry of Deeds as the owner of 112 Appleton Ave., where the first of the fires was reported shortly before 7 p.m. That fire was still going strong more than an hour and half later. A second fire was reported at Fort Hill Avenue, a third at Ridge Avenue and a fourth on Brown Street.

There was no one was home at the Appleton residence but the occupants of the other three homes were able to put out the fires before firefighters arrived.

Additional firefighters and trucks from surrounding communities were called in to help respond the blazes and cover the station.

The Pittsfield fire chief expected crews to be working through the night to extinguish and contain the Appleton Street fire.

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