If you are operating a small business you may qualify for assistance through a grant being submitted by the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission. The Town of Adams is working with Berkshire Regional Planning Commission to develop an application for emergency funding assistance for microenterprises in Adams and neighboring northern Berkshire communities under the CDBG-CV program administered by the MA Department of Housing & Community Development.

Micro-enterprise business in Adams, Williamstown, Lanesborough, Cheshire, Dalton, Clarksburg, Florida, Peru, Savoy, Windsor, New Ashford, Hancock and Hinsdale are eligible to apply.  The pre-application is due by this Wednesday, June 10, by 5:oopm.

The purpose of these grants is to provide funds to low and moderate-income businesses to assist them in remaining open, as well as stimulating and pivoting their businesses during this time of COVID-19 and in the future. Grants of up to $2,500 to $10,000 would be provided to eligible microenterprises - defined as a commercial enterprise that has 5 or fewer employees, 1 or more of whom owns the enterprise.

According to the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, Adams and the Commission is preparing to submit a grant application to the MA Department of Housing and Community Development totaling $850,000. The application by the Adams and the BRPC is due by this Friday, June 12th.

In anticipation of receiving funding under the program and to help the Adams determine the degree of assistance needed throughout the town, you need to fill out the preliminary application.  This is the link to the preliminary application.

If you have and questions or need assistance filling out the form you are encouraged to reach out to the Community Development office at 413-743-8300 extension 131.


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