Ok, so we are getting close to Christmas and I went on a movie quest to see what was coming out over the next few weeks.  Usually during the Holiday Season a bunch come out, but I have to say this year 10 in total seems to be the number and none of them are related to Christmas in anyway. Thanks to IMdb, great place to go for not only new movies but all kinds of movies !

Here is a list of what we have to look forward to over the Holidays.

1.  Opening on December 20th, "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle"  (PG-13)  Four high school kids are forced to clean out the school basement as part of their detention. They find a "Jumanji" video game and get transported into it as the characters they choose, who are each played by The Rock, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillian, and Jack Black.

2.  Opening on December 20th,  "The Greatest Showman"  (PG)  . . . A musical starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum in the story of how he created the Barnum and Bailey Circus and got people in the 1800s to accept his troupe of outcasts. Michelle Williams is his wife, Zendaya is a trapeze artist who falls in love with Zac Efron, and beautiful Broadway star Keala Settle is the bearded lady.  If you liked La La Land you will like this It features music from the guys who composed "La La Land".

3. There back again for the 3rd time. Opening on December 22nd . . . "Pitch Perfect 3"  (PG-13). Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and the rest of the Bellas reunite for one last singing competition as part of an overseas USO tour where their competition all perform with instruments.  Ruby Rose from "Orange is the New Black" is in one of the competing groups.

4.  Opening on December 22nd  "Downsizing"  (R) . Matt Damon is shrunk down to five inches tall so he can have a better life in a "downsized" community.  Kristen Wiig is his wife, and Jason Sudeikis is the tiny friend who talks him into it.

5.  Opening on December 22nd . . . "Father Figures"  (R) . . . Owen Wilson and Ed Helms find out their mom's been lying to them about their "dead" father and go on a road trip to figure out who their real dad is.  Glenn Close is their mom and their suspected dads are Terry Bradshaw, J.K. Simmons, Ving Rhames, and Christopher Walken.

7.  Opening on December 25th.  "All the Money in the World"  (R) . Michelle Williams is the mother of the 16-year-old grandson of billionaire John Paul Getty.  When her son is kidnapped, she desperately tries to convince the old man to pay the ransom but he REFUSES (not a very nice guy).  Mark Wahlberg is the guy trying to help her rescue her son before it's too late.

Yep,this is the movie that dropped Kevin Spacey after allegations against him hit the news.  He was supposed to play Getty.  They redid all his scenes with Christopher Plummer as Getty.

Now for the limited release stuff.

Molly's Game Rated R, Jessica Chastain,Idris Elba is in this one 12/27

In The Fade Rated R Diane Kruger  12/27

Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool 12/29 Jamie Bell, Annette Benning












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