Here's a question, Berkshire County residents: Do you know any billionaires? Do you have any big corporate CEOs in your close circle of friends? Or, are you a rich bigwig yourself?

Well, I don't know any personally and time is certainly running out for me to ever become one myself (but I'll remain optimistic...yeah, right!), but I thought this was an interesting item to share with you.

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Recently, researched which US states have produced the most current Fortune 100 CEOs. They did this by determining where each CEO went to college and then ranked states by the number of CEOs that their institutions gave a 3rd level education.

According to's report, New York has educated the highest number of current Fortune 100 CEOs. Thirteen people who are in charge of the nation's top companies attended a college or university in the Empire State.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, the Commonwealth came in strong at #2 with 10 Fortune 100 CEOs. I guess when your state contains world-famous institutions such as Harvard and MIT it's really not so surprising.

Two states tied at #3 with both Texas and Pennsylvania each having 7 current CEOs that had gone to school in their respective states. Finally, another two-way tie at #5 with both California and Indiana each having 4 CEOs that attended school in their states.

How about a round of cheers for the Bay State? Ten current Fortune 100 CEOs attended a school or university right here in Massachusetts! That's not bad and it was enough to put the Commonwealth at #2 on the list. Who knows? If you're currently matriculating at a Massachusetts school, you may one day be #11.

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