One of my favorite things to do and I started to do this when my parents would load up all the kids in the car and take a day trip with no destination, just a drive to see different things, taking back roads and all and we would usually stop at a restaurant for a late lunch or an early dinner. We would not even have a clue on what type of food they served. Almost every time we would hit a restaurant that was in the middle of nowhere, and it would turn out to be a gem!

These restaurants were voted the best in their category, what restaurant is your favorite gem, We would love to know.

The Gibbet Hill Grill

The Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton is a country steakhouse that offers fresh, locally farmed meat in an incredibly beautiful rural setting. It may be in the middle of nowhere, It's worth the extra effort, and since this is the best steakhouse in Massachusetts, definitely worth going to. It ticks all the boxes, the food, the atmosphere, friendly comfy atmosphere. I would be very surprised if it does not become your go-to place for delicious steaks.

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Filet Mignon, Yes Please!

Mezze Bistro and Bar, Williamstown

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This is just a stone's throw from anywhere in the Berkshires, Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking to splurge on an incredible meal, If you are looking for a memorable meal with friends and family. A popular fine dining restaurant in Massachusetts Mezze Bistro & Bar in Williamstown.

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Jimmy’s HideAway, Provincetown

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This is Provincetown’s hidden treasure, a fun and friendly restaurant tucked away in a candlelit, low-ceiling space serving up mouth-watering food! If I were you I would make reservations before I went.

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They serve up some yummy seafood and your favorite libations.

B.T.S Smokehouse, Sturbridge

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Doing BBQ the right way for three decades, no wonder they were voted one inthe best BBQ in Massachusetts.

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Koi Chinese Restaurant, Great Barrington


Voted number one of best oriental food in the Berkshires.

Munich Haus, Chicopee

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A Restaurant that brings a German flair to your food, from pretzels and beer cheese to Wiener Schnitzel.

Do you have a favorite gem of a restaurant you would like to share with us?

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