Some excellent news for bird watchers and lovers of our nation's symbol of patriotism. The bald eagle population is soaring once again in Massachusetts. And especially fitting, in honor of our recent observance of Memorial Day.

According to a story from, MassWildlife reports that the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife has documented more than 70 active bald eagle nests throughout the state this spring, indicators that the population continues to grow.

MassWildlife has seen an uptick in newly documented eagle nests and has confirmed nine new nests, including one in Barnstable which marks the first nest with eggs on Cape Cod in over 100 years.

Closer to home here in the Berkshires, eagles have been sighted near the Hoosic River and nesting pairs along Cheshire Reservoir and Pontoosuc Lake. For more on this wonderful story, head to the article here. Also, you can help support the conservation of bald eagles and other endangered species by reporting sightings and making donations to MassWildlife's  Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program. Thanks for the good news, guys!

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