Beer & Wine to be offered at the North Adams Movieplex

If you want a cold one or a fine vintage of red or white while you watch the latest flick at the North Adams Movieplex, you’re in business.

The North Adams License Commission has given the North Adams Movieplex permission to serve beer and wine in the theater.

According to an article posted online at iBerkshire, the commission heard from theater manager Scott Ingalls and attorney F. Sydney Smithers on Tuesday to discuss the beer and wine application. "The set-up is very much like other theaters," Smithers said. "... This is a real service to the community and will serve as an additional attraction to persuade patrons to attend the theater.

Smithers said the plan is to install two beer and two wine dispensers at the concession stand. Drinks would be served in cups that could be brought into the individual theaters. There will be no wait service.

The ability of the Movieplex and other theaters to open comes under the the state’s Phase III reopening plan.  Theaters have been closed since Governor Bakers emergency order shutting down nonsensical businesses since mid-March.

No reopening date has been set yet.  According the iBerkshire, the reopening date will be sometime in July.  The cost of beer and wine will be close to the cost at local resturants.  Around $6 for beer and $8 for a glass of wine.

The North Adams Movieplex is located at 86 Main Street in North Adams.

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