If you received unemployment benefits may have to repay some of the benefits they received. 

That's right, some folks here in the Berkshires may have been overpaid. Here is the kicker, the people who were overpaid to pay it back in a lump sum of what is owed. 

You do have the right to apply for a waiver, but you will have to fill out an application. And you will have to check back on the site listed below, where you will get the waiver to fill out in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

There are certain reasons that you may want to fill out the waiver. 

DUA has the authority to waive an overpayment if:
The overpayment was not your fault, and your income is less than your expenses; or you used the money for things that were not ordinary expenses, like paying off a debt; or you gave up other money (such as welfare payments) because you got unemployment benefits. Mass.gov site. 

If you used any of the extra unemployment you received and can say yes to any of the above-listed,  you may not have to pay back the extra benefits you received.

They may ask for proof too, so if you have receipts on anything that shows you used the money for those reasons keep them in a safe place. 

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