So who is Patty and why is it urgent that she receive hearing aids?

Skip and Patty Johnson have been dedicated members of the West Stockbridge Congregational Church in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts for many years.

Skip has lived with serious health problems for a long while including heart disease, Parkinson disease, diabetes, kidney failure, and tumors in his stomach and lungs. Patty has been by Skip's side through every crisis; every surgery; and at every doctor's appointment. As Skip's primary caregiver, she needs to be able to communicate with doctors, social workers and home health aides.

Unfortunately Patty is now facing the challenge of hearing loss and cannot act as Skip's advocate without the help of hearing aids.

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Hearing aids are extremely expensive. The hearing aids that Patty needs cost $6,000. Although the Johnsons live on a limited fixed-income, they have decided to take out a loan to cover the cost because they cannot live without this critical medical device. Making monthly payments will be difficult and might mean that they are forced to live without many basic needs.

The Johnson's need your help as they would like to get the funds raised to pay of the loan sooner rather than later.

As someone who suffered from kidney disease and received a transplant, I know that the cost of the surgery and associated costs can be steep. I also know that the Berkshires never fail when it comes to supporting one another. After my surgery, my wife, Amber, started a Go Fund Me page for our expenses tied to the surgery and the compassion and generosity that poured out from the community was second to none.

Because of this wonderful community, $5,000 was raised for my cause and it made our lives less stressful. In addition, the support helped Amber and I continue on our journey as we were aiming toward achieving our next goal, which ended up being the birth of our baby girl, Hannah, on Mar. 19, 2020. Our local community played a big role in my family achieving our goals, post transplant surgery and I'm loving being a father.

I know what you can do and I know what our community can do. So please take some time to think about Skip & Patty and their situation. Patty needs to care for Skip without having to sacrifice basic needs. Even if it's just $1 that you donate, you'll be making a positive impact in their lives and current situation.

As of this writing, $1,501 of Patty's $6,000 goal has been raised. Be the change for the Johnson's and donate to their fund now by going here.

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