Do you guys remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Of course, you do! You can't forget it if you were one of the probably millions of people that were nominated and followed through with it. I did and have some fond memories of that day!

How many of my Berkshire County friends also did it? You know I'm going to have to see some proof! (Share your videos under this story on our Facebook page!)

A smattering of history for you...

Now, just in case you just crawled out from under a rock or if you just emerged from a 10-year hibernation, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge began way back in 2014 when a professional golfer was challenged to do it. At the time it wasn't associated with ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease. To make a long story short, it eventually became tied to an internet craze that actually ended up making many millions of dollars for the ALS Association. It was also associated with Pete Frates (I'll let you look him up on your own time), who had been diagnosed with ALS.

I was nominated...

Yes, I indeed was nominated to do the deed. At the time, I thought that it would be cool to use two buckets. You might say I regretted that decision later. Well, I guess it was kind of fun!

And now for your amusement, my video:

Now for those of you who may have been repulsed by that... I apologize. Let's see what you got!


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