Are you a leaf peeper? Are you one of the many fans of spectacular, colorful scenery that you would gladly take long, leisurely drives to feast your eyes on? If you are, you're in luck. One of the best places to see fall foliage is pretty close. It's right here in the Beautiful Berkshires!

Reader's Digest recently named the 25 best places in all of America to spot fall foliage and guess what? Lenox, Massachusetts made the list. How fantastic is that?

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Editors for Reader's Digest made their determinations based on many factors including "countless reviews and hundreds of photographs" and also each area's fall activities and places to visit.

Here's what Reader's Digest had to say about our lovely town of Lenox:

Travelers flock to the Berkshire town of Lenox for its blend of heritage and natural beauty. Starting in late September, the landscape is ablaze with red, yellow, and green. Admire the outdoor surroundings at Kennedy Park and Mount Greylock State Reservation. In addition to hiking, biking, and kayaking, go gallery hopping, browse antique shops, and catch a performance of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Reader's Digest

Not only that but the publication also specifically mentioned two attractions in Lenox to visit: Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and The Mount, the home of Edith Wharton.

Here's something interesting. I don't know about you, but when I think of fall foliage, I tend to think exclusively of New England. However, out of Reader's Digest's Top 25 list, only five other fall foliage spots were located in New England. Bristol, Rhode Island; Kennebunkport, Maine; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Stowe, Vermont; and Washington, Connecticut.

Check out the full list for yourself by visiting Reader's Digest's website here.

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