Who doesn't love puzzles?  We have one here for you to try, and if you like it we will have more on the way.

Well, "Wheel Of Fortune" is a big favorite for a whole lot of people can you guess what our puzzle answers are?

We are going to start the first one up with what should be pretty easy for a lot of people.

Name the four towns listed in the puzzle.


It is something else when a puzzle show is on tv for so long.

Here are some facts you may not have known about this show.

"Wheel of Fortune" was called "Shopper's Bazaar" when it first made its appearance in 1973.

Chuck Woolery was with the original show but left when the new inception or the "Wheel" came to be.

Edd Byrnes was hired to host the revamped show, but he tested poorly with audiences.

We did not know it as Wheel of Fortune until 1974, luckily Chuck Woolery came back to replace Byrnes before the new show went to air.

From 1975 until 1983 Wheel of Fortune drew twenty million daily viewers, and became the biggest daytime game show.

That was really good for a show that kept on bringing in different letter-turners, and MCs for the show.

"Wheel of Fortune" underwent its last big change in 1983, That is when the show moved to nighttime, which aired at 6:30 or 7 pm depending on the region. The show eventually came out on top in the rating time slot.

MC, Pat Sajak, and letter-turner, Vanna White are the reigning king and queen of the wheel for many years now.

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