After glancing at several media statements and news stories over the past couple of days, something became abundantly clear to me. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will be spending quite a bit of time in North Adams.

First and foremost, WWLP/22 News Springfield is reporting that MassDOT, along with elected officials, is looking into bringing back the Northern Tier Railroad Line. The Route 2 train service, which hasn't run a passenger train since 1954, used to transport people back and forth to as far away as Boston. Sometimes several times a day.

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At some point in the near future, a feasibility study will be conducted to see if the rail service along Route 2 could start again. The study will examine different factors involved related to getting the rail service up and running such as costs and environmental opportunities.

The return of the Northern Tier Line would be a huge benefit in many ways namely Berkshire County residents could travel more easily to Boston and the greater Boston area. MassDOT says the feasibility study will be conducted at some point this summer. Check out WWLP's website for more on the story here.

Also, MassDOT says starting next Monday, July 19, construction work is scheduled to begin on the Sacco Bridge in North Adams. Keep in mind that there will still be two lanes of traffic open while road work is going on, but if work calls for it, there may be occasional lane closures.

According to MassDOT, work on the Sacco Bridge should be completed by early 2022. Remember, you can always visit the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website to get all the latest construction project information.

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