In a post on the Adams Police Department’s Facebook page, they are advising residents how to deal with the ever-increasing number of black bears that have been encountered in the town.

Believe it or not some residents have been hand-feeding bears according to police.  These idiots (my words not theirs) are putting themselves and other in grave danger.  Adams Police also advise not to run from a bear, or provoke them in any way.  The removal of food sources such as bird feeders and unsecured trash containers will help reduce bears in lurking around your home.

The Adams Police post makes mention of most bear related calls are coming from the Elm Street, Burt Street, Park Street, Arnold Avenue and Lime Street neighborhoods.  Police ask that Adams residents refrain from calling 911 for non-emergency bear sightings, instead referring them to reach out to the desk officer at 413-743-1212 ext. 0.

Other tips when you encounter a bear, according to The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, is to talk to them in a calm voice…back away slowly and again, do not run…and to fight back if a black bear makes contact with you.  Banging on pots and pans, blowing a whistle or blowing an air horn should be enough for a bear to retreat from you yard but you would want to do that from a safe distance.

To protect your dog, always check for a bear before letting your dog outside…keep them leashed…and never let a dog interact or chase a bear.  The presence of a dog could trigger a bear to be aggressive.

According to The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlifeblack bears continue to expand their range in Massachusetts moving further east.


For additional information you can visit this website or contact Mass Wildlife at 508-389-6300.  Outside normal business hours and on weekends the Mass Environmental Police can be reached at 1800-632-8075.


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