Is it me, or does it seem like as more things begin to reopen, even more things end up being canceled?

According to our friends at WWLP/Channel 22 out of Springfield, a couple of area fairs will not be happening due to the current pandemic.

First, the Blandford Fair 2020 has been canceled over COVID-19 concerns. According to an announcement on their Facebook page, the cancellation was made after a decision by the Officers and Directors of the Union Agricultural & Horticultural Society. Obviously, their main priority is to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

This year was to have been the 153rd Annual Fair. For more on this story, head to WWLP's website here.

Also, the Board of Directors has voted to cancel the Franklin County Fair 2020 as a result of warnings of another wave of COVID-19 from many public health professionals. However, visitors can still partake in activities available to families on the fairgrounds. Again, you can find more information on this story from WWLP/Channel 22, by going to their website here.

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