This summer has been great for Baseball in North Adams if you are a baseball or history fan or even anyone, I think you will enjoy it.  There is a baseball exhibit at the old sleepys location. Did you know that Babe Ruth Played a game of baseball at Joe Wolfe Field back in the day?

The Steeplecats are playing, they have a  whole new attitude and look, and a lot of folks have been wondering about their mascot Slider.  Well just like the Steeplecats, Slider needs a new outfit.

Matt Tatro owner of Grazie is at the helm of a campaign to get Slider back in the game.

I spoke with Matt via messenger and he has the campaign started.

In collaboration with Becks Printing, we and other local area businesses will have cans out for donations to bring back Slider of the North Adams SteepleCats. Anything helps, so if you have a spare buck or two, let's raise this money and get Slider back! Grazie!

If you remember the old slider was looking really worn down, and with the Steeplecats having a new outlook and look Slider should be back as part of the team too.

You can find the "Bring Back Slider Fund" cans at these locations:

Grazie, Empire care, Desperados, Hot Dog Ranch, Trail House, Mountain One, Berk Bank.

We will be adding new locations when catch up with Matt Tatro again.