Tonight(8/17), the Boston Bruins will continue their playoff push with game 4 against the better-than-many-thought-they-would-be Carolina Hurricanes. But, once again, they'll be doing it without starting goalie Tuukka Rask.

Rask opted out of the postseason hours before Game 3 on Saturday to be with his family. Rask's teammates appear to support his decision as does head coach Bruce Cassidy.

“As we said before, we support Tuukka. We wish him well. We want nothing but the best for him and his family. Should circumstances change there where he feels he can come back to the club, then I think we’ll cross that bridge when we come and see what it involves.”

Bruce Cassidy

So it looks like back-up goalie Jaroslav Halák will be the starting goalie for the rest of the season, at least until we hear differently.

Fortunately, Jaroslav(or "Jaro" as his teammates affectionately call him) is a better back-up goalie than a lot of team's starting goalies.

Jaro did a fantastic job in Game 3 of the series, almost posting a shut-out against the 'Canes. Bruins won 3-1.

Right now, the Bruins are leading the series 2-1, but they're not counting their opponents out of it yet by any means. The Carolina Hurricanes are playing some pretty great hockey and they certainly don't look like underdogs matched up against the NHL team that had the most regular-season wins. The President's Cup winning Boston Bruins.

So, for now at least, "GO JARO!!!!" Good Luck In Game 4.

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