Here's a cool idea to keep your kids busy during the summer while they learn and have fun courtesy of Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. and the Berkshire Museum. It's a series of programs called Camp@Home and they have several options to choose from.

If your child is interested in computers and would like to try and create their own video game, you can sign them up for Coding Camp@Home. Or maybe your future virtual engineer is into robots? Check out Robot Olympics 1 Camp@Home where your child can build a robot and test out its speed and agility.

Or maybe your little Nancy Drew wants to grow up to be detective or investigator? Forensics Camp@Home might be for them. These examples are just a few to be found within the Camp@Home series.

And the best part? No shopping required! Each Camp@Home includes a Camp@Home Kit that includes everything campers need to complete 5 days of age-appropriate activities by following our printed worksheets and instructions or tuning in for live and recorded video sessions.

Find the perfect fit for your camper by visiting here or explore other fun online activities your child can participate in by visiting

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